The Big Stretch


New Music for Tuba by Jim Self and others featuring Los Tubas (a group of “loose” LA Tuba Players)

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A big variety of music from solo tuba to six tubas, tuba and piano, brass quintet, tuba and harp, and tuba and midi.  One piece, POLKA.COM, is a “wacky” mix of Frankie Yankovic, Donna Summer and Scott Joplin.

Title Instrumentation Composer Publisher © Audio
1. Poker Chips 4 Tubas and Vibraphone Jim Self, 1993 Basset Hound Music
2. Rondeau 2 Tubas Jim Self, 1991 Basset Hound Music
Concert Duets V2
3. Three 4 Five Brass Quintet Jim Self, 1996 Basset Hound Music
4. The Ninth Hour of Divine Office Tuba and Piano Maria Newman, 1996 Miller Moss Music Publishing
5. Time Cycles Tuba and M.I.D.I. Jerome Grant, 1998 JJG Music
5930 Beeman Ave.
North Hollywood, CA
6. Waltz for Maya Tuba and Harp Kim Scharnberg, 1999 Kim Scharnberg
124 East Street
South Salem, NY
7. Finale: Symphony No. 4 2 Euphoniums and 4 Tubas Jim Self, 1999 Basset Hound Music MP3 – 377KB
8. Solo Tuba or Brass Quintet Jim Self, 1991 Basset Hound Music MP3 – 114KB
9. Dog Tags Solo Basset Hound Stanley, 1999 Basset Hound Music MP3 – 27KB

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Jim Self

Guest Artists

Tommy Johnson, Winston Morris, Gene Pokorny, Norm Pearson, Fred Greene, Doug Tornquist, Loren Marsteller, Malcolm McNab, David Duke, Bill Booth, and others


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