The Light Fantastic




Jim Self, Tuba/Fluba
John Chiodini, Guitars
Jazz Duo CD with just tuba and guitar

1. The Light Fantastic (4:24)
Jim Self
2. Curumim (4:33)
Cesar Camaras Mariano
3. Gegenschein (4:49)
John Chiodini
4. Brincadeiras (5:53)
Jim Self
5. Emily (4:04)
Johnny Mandel6. Caribe (5:25)
Jim Self7. Alpine Toad (4:33)
David Angel8. Nolie (5:24)
Jim Self

9. Reunion (4:03)

10. Moonlight (3:43)
John Williams

11. Jacaranda (5:08)
John Chiodini/Arthur Hamilton

12. Prancing (3:33)
Jim Self

13. Here’s That Rainy Day (4:20)
Jimmy Van Heusen

14. Recorda-me (4:03)
Joe Henderson

15. Pavane (5:42)
Jim Self

16. Utter Chaos (3:23)
Gerry Mulligan

Produced by: Jim Self
Co-Producer: Talley Sherwood
Assistant Engineer: Jasmine Gatdula
Recorded and Mixed: 2019 at Tritone Studios, Glendale, CA, by
Talley Sherwood
Mastering: Peter Doyle at Aftermaster Studios, Hollywood

Special thanks: Winston Morris, Dan Perantoni, Bill Booth, Joe Self,
Jamie Self, Sergio Carolino, Talley Sherwood, Dave Amason, Christian
Bond, Peter Doyle, Marty Erickson, Jon Kurnick, and to David Angel, Ron
Stout, John Williams and Sting for inspiration.
Jim Self is a Los Angeles freelance musician, a veteran of thousands of
Hollywood motion pictures, television shows and records, and tuba soloist
on many prominent movies. His tuba was the “Voice of the Mothership” in
Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He is Principal Tuba with the Pacific
and Pasadena Symphonies, and the Los Angeles Opera and Hollywood
Bowl Orchestras. Jim has composed over 70 works and produced 17 solo
jazz and classical recordings. All of Jim Self’s CDs and compositions are
available at

Jim Self is a Yamaha Performing Artist