Changing Colors


Changing Colors

Classical Tuba on Summit Records
Solo and Chamber Music

Terry Trotter, Piano

12 L.A. Recording Musicians




    1. Syrinx by Claude Debussy (1913) Audio (375K)
    1. Sonatina for Bass Tuba and Piano by Halsey Stevens (1960)
      1. Moderato con moto
      2. Andante affectuoso
      3. Allegro
    1. Sieben Miniaturen für Vier Tuben by Günter Kochan (1978)
      1. Moderato
      2. Lento
      3. Allegretto
      4. Largo-Agitato
      5. Allegro molto
      6. Adagio
      7. Prestissimo
    1. Courante by Jim Self (1991)
    1. Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15 by Robert Schumann (1838) (arr. Jim Self) Music
      1. About Strange Lands and People
      2. Curious Story
      3. Important Event
      4. The Poet Speaks
      5. At the Fireside Audio (425K)
      6. Frightening
      7. Reverie
  1. Bruegel-Dance Visions by Arthur B. Rubinstein (1991)
    1. Aubade (The Misanthrope)
    2. Estampie (Children’s Games)
    3. Pavanne (Land of Cockaigne)
    4. Rondeau (Struggle Between Carnival and Lent)
  2. Rondo Allegro by G. Antonio Capuzzi (c. 1795) (arr. Jim Self)

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Jim Self

Guest Artists

Debussy, Rubinstein, Schumann, Self, Stevens, Terry Trotter – Piano


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