Out On The Coast – David Angel Jazz Ensemble




The David Angel Jazz Ensemble is a Los Angeles based 13 piece jazz band, “Out on the Coast” is a  TRIPLE CD set and all of the music is composed or arranged by David Angel. The style is described as “Gil Evans meets J.S.Bach” with all 13 musicians playing polyphonic lines. The band members are among the finest jazz musicians on the west coast. It is swing and Latin music reminiscent of the 60′ west coast jazz scene with impressionistic classical elements.


Band Members


David Angel: tenor sax, conducting

Phil Feather: alto sax,  sop. sax, piccolo, flute, alto flute

Gene Cipriano “Cip”: alto sax. sop. sax, clarinet

Jim Quam: tenor sax, clarinet

Tom Peterson tenor sax, flute, alto flute

Bob Carr: baritone sax, bass clarinet

Jonathan Dane: trumpet, flugel horn

Ron Stout: trumpet, flugel horn

Stephanie O’Keefe: horn

Scott Whitfield, trombone

Jim Self: tuba, bass trombone

John Chiodini: jazz guitar

Susan Quam, string bass

Paul Kreibich: drums




Producer: Jim Self

Co-Producer: Talley Sherwood

Assistant Producer: Tom Peterson

Tonemeister: Kim Richmond


Recorded January 23, 24, 30, 31, 2020

Tritone Studios, Glendale, CA

Engineering and Mixing: Talley Sherwood

Mastering: Peter Doell, Aftermaster Studios, Hollywood


Cover Art: Chris Zambon

Booklet Design: Shaina House




Bill Holman: “David Angel is one of our brightest SUNS”


Gary Foster: “David Angel is a complete ORIGINAL”


Pete Myers: “David is a truly LYRICAL composer and a good friend”


Brad Dechter: “David Angel is quite possibly the best composer you’ve NEVER heard of and most definitely the kindest soul you could ever meet”


David Angel Is a Los Angeles composer and arranger. He has had a rehearsal band for over 50 years. David spent many years composing and arranging for the Hollywood Film and TV world and later spent many years as a composition professor in Europe. His unique music is described as Gil Evans meets J.S. Bach. Over the years dozens of the greatest jazz musicians on the west coast have been members.