Flying Circus


Original Music for brass quintet by Jim Self



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  1. Polarities 4:06

(Pacific Symphony Brass)

  1. 2:35

(Crown City Brass Quintet)

  1. Bottoms Up 4:11

(Modern Brass Quintet)

  1. HoopLa 4:37

(Modern Brass Quintet)

  1. Peacockery 4:08

(Modern Brass Quintet)

  1. Mo’Ments 1. ‘N Trap Ments 3:30
  2. Mo’Ments 2. ‘N Tice Ments 5:44
  3. Mo’Ments 3. ‘N Tangle Ments 3:37

(Crown City Brass Quintet)

  1. Flying Circus 1. Barnstorming 3:10
  2. Flying Circus 2. Castles in the Sky 4:03
  3. Flying Circus 3. Wing Ding 3:37

(Modern Brass Quintet)

  1. Three 4 Five 1. Capriccio 4:24
  2. Three 4 Five 2. Cantilena 5:03
  3. Three 4 Five 3. Caccia3:42

(“The Five” Brass Quintet)

Pacific Symphony Brass

      Quintet A (right)

Barry Perkins, Tony Ellis, trpts; Keith Popejoy, hn; Mike Hoffman, trom; Jim Self, CC tuba

     Quintet B (left)

Rob Frear, Dave Wailes, trpts; Jim Taylor, hn; Dave Stetson, trom; Doug Tornquist, CC tuba

Todd Miller, conductor


Crown City Brass Quintet

Rob Frear, Marty Fenton Frear, trpts; Sarah Bach, hn; Andy Malloy, trom; Norm Pearson, F tuba w/ John Magnussen, marimba/perc.


Modern Brass Quintet

Daniel Rosenboom, trpt/pic.trpt; Marissa Benedict, trpt/fl hn; Dylan Hart, hn; Steve Suminski, trom. Doug Tornquist, F tuba

w/Paul Kreibich, drums/perc


“The Five” Brass Quintet

Malcolm McNab, John Lewis, trpts & flugel hns; David Duke, hn; Bill Booth, trom. & euph. Jim Self, F tuba



Additional information


“Jim Self has made a major contribution to the brass quintet repertoire with these wonderfully crafted compositions, exceptional for their interesting lines for all involved, and performed by quintets comprised of Southern California’s finest brass musicians. Bravo, Jim, for this chamber BrassFeast !!”
Sam Pilafian – classical and jazz virtuoso, composer and former tubist with the Empire and Boston Brass Quintets. An expert in brass chamber music.

"……all great pieces, great playing, a real TRIBUTE man. Seriously, is there any other ONE composer who has done as many significant compositions for quintet????? NO!!!!! YOU’RE IT!!!!!!"
R. Winston Morris – Tuba Professor at Tennessee Tech University, my dear friend and a man with “big ears”.

“Jim Self’s compositions for brass quintet are unique, exciting, and fun to listen to. I can’t wait to play them. This collection features a double brass quintet; brass quintet plus drums; brass quintet with marimba; brass quintet with euphonium/trombone, and the regular brass quintet. The playing and music are simply fantastic featuring the best players in LA. The CD and music are a must for every serious brass chamber music library–Bravo Jim!!”
Daniel Perantoni, Provost Professor at Indiana University, member of the St. Louis Brass Quintet, Summit Brass, international soloist, jazz musician and dear friend.

All Music composed by Jim Self (ASCAP)

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