Other Recordings

Recent recordings featuring Jim Self’s playing and compositions.  These items are not available from Basset Hound Music, except for Duh Suite and La Morte dell’ Oom.  If you are interested, please follow the indicated links.

Album Artist What’s Jim Doing Recording Music
Rush Hour Jerry Grant Playing Tuba and FLUBA CD Baby
Alternative Jazz, a blend of dramatic music, jazz/rock, electronic and symphonic elements, like jazz fusion with two more dimensions. Brass Quintet, 3 doubling Woodwinds and an Electric Rhythm Section
What’s in Store Jessie Wills Playing Jazz Tuba http://www.jessiewills.com or (805)559-7865
A jazz recording featuring sensational new jazz singer Jessie Wills, pianist P.J. Oh, drummer Joe La Barbara, guitarist Larry Koonse, and Jim Self on jazz tuba.  Jim also produced the album.
Carolina Morning Dennis Askew and Kelly O’Bryant Composing KoDa Records 1001 Duh Suite
An eclectic mix of American Music by two wonderful young tuba artists featuring Duh Suite, a six movement work for two tubas and drums by Jim Self. Audio of Duh Blooze (229K)
La Morte dell’ Oom (No Pah Intended) Symphonia with R. Winston Morris conducting Composing markcustom@aol.com (email for information) La Morte dell’ Oom
Symphonia is the world’s premier large tuba ensemble, conducted by R. Winston Morris and featuring about 20 great tuba and euphonuim artists. The title work La Morte dell’ Oom is a piece for six euphoniums, six tubas and two percussion by Jim Self.
Kick Ass Brass Various Playing Jazz Tuba Delta Records 30507
A collection of jazz recordings by many great Yamaha Brass Artists including Bobby Shew, Robin Eubanks, Diva, Mike Vax, Rhythm and Brass, and others.  Jim Self is featured on two tunes, New Stuff and Terrible Twos.
For Heaven’s Sake Pete Christlieb Composing, Playing Tuba and Bass Trombone CARS Records CP 0040
The Great Tenor Player, Pete Christlieb on his jazz CD with many LA Studio/Jazz musicians and arrangers.  Jim wrote and played tuba on Capriole, and played bass trombone on When I Fall in Love.


Jim also played on the following recent recordings.

Artist Album Label Comments
Bette Midler Bathhouse Betty Warner Bros. Records
Randy Newman Bad Love Dreamworks Records
Maynard Fergusson (featuring Michael Feinstein) Concord Records Tuba and Bass Trombone
Amy Grant Arr. by Pat Williams
Keely Smith Concord Records Tuba and Bass Trombone
Stan Frieberg The United States of America, Part II Rhino Records Arr. by Billy May (Tuba and String Bass)