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Alto Sousaphone and Selfone

Alto Sousaphone and Selfone

The Selfone (Selphone) was built (and named) by Robb Stewart. He took an Italian “baby” sousaphone made by V. Barcone and made an F “baby” sousaphone for me. It originally was in BBb with (would you believe) a tenor trombone bore and weird tuba like mouthpiece. It was probably made for beginning students but was miserable sounding and miserably out of tune. I had Robb take an early 1900’s Eb Conn 4 valve section and cut it to F. The result is a really cool instrument — particularly for jazz but, of all my instruments, it is the easiest to play Bydlo and the Bear solos on. What am I going to use it for? Who knows — jazz for sure — or maybe I will start a munchkin marching band!



Big & Small - Keefer BBb and Selfone F

Big & Small – Keefer BBb and Selfone F

The photos included show some interesting comparisons–with my 1916 BBb Keefer Sousaphone (recently restored by Don Sawday) and an amazing super small instrument owned by L.A. french horn player Paul Klintworth. He calls it an Alto Sousaphone. Paul is in the those photos and Big Joe Jackson in the others.