Wearing My Composer’s Hat


I just finished another interesting and unusual week—this one in my role as a composer. My composition, “Tour de Force”

was performed by the River City Brass Band in Pittsburgh and the Omaha Symphony. It began on Sunday with a flight to Pittsburgh and a rental car to my hometown of Oil City, PA. There I spent two days visiting my “step mother”, Ethel “Dutch” Brink for Mother’s Day. She is 93 and nearly blind. I hope my visit cheered her up. She has the most wonderful children who get her meals and see to her needs. With this she is able to stay in her own home—and she does very well. I also saw my friend Doug Dinberg on this visit. He is a regional judge of the court and an avid musician.

Then on Wednesday I drove down to Pittsburgh and went to the home of James Gourlay a...

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