Chicago 2008: A Special Week – A Memior


I just finished a very interesting and challenging week playing 2nd Tuba on Symphonie Fantastique with the Chicago Symphony.  Gene Pokorny invited me to play with him and it made a profound impression on me. I was conscious all week of the entire CSO operation from the musicians, to the physical plant, to the management, to the audience, to the city. I felt greatly honored to play with Gene and that superb ensemble  but to also be so warmly welcomed by everyone. The guest conductor was Fabio Luisi, who I found to do a terrific job.

We had very little rehearsal – only about 10 minutes on the  first part of the 4th movement on the first rehearsal, a slightly  rehearsed 2nd rehearsal and a real, straight through dress with  a large  comp audience (of mostly musicians from the Mid-West Band ...

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