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Presentation of Old #1 to Jim
Presenting "Old #1 King" — (left to right) William Becker, Gary Bird, Jim Self, and Daniel DiCicco

Jim Self's

You're here but you're not sure why. Maybe it's because you just love hardware, you're into trivia about low brass and other instruments, -- maybe you're just lost. Anyway you have found my list of instruments. This rather extensive list of equipment gets played every day (ha!). Actually tubists tend to be collectors and I have a substantial collection of tubas and other instruments.

Check out Jim's audio page were sample clips can be heard from Jim's albums.

  • Yamaha CC Tuba 826 "Monica" (pictured at right), 6/4 prototype, silver, 4 piston valves-1 rotary.  Precise copy of the better of Arnold Jacobs' Yorks.

  • FLUBA "Peg", custom F tuba size flugelhorn made by Robb Stewart.

  • Selfone, 4 pistons, baby sousaphone in F

  • Yamaha CC Tuba 822, silver, 4 piston valves-1 rotary, custom tuner

  • Hirsbruner CC Tuba 2HP, silver, 4 piston valves-1 rotary
Yamaha CC 826S, "Monica"

Selfone, Baby F Sousaphone
Jim and his Fluba
Jim and his FLUBA through a Sousaphone

Custom tuners by Robb Stewart in Los Angeles.

On all my tubas I use a new Yamaha Jim Self signature model made by Hiroaki Imaoka mouthpiece -- which is like a Miraphone C-4 rim with a deeper cup.  This mouthpiece was originally designed by Norm Pearson.

Refurbished York CC Tuba
Restored York original 4/4 CC Tuba, (1938)
Diston Eb Tuba
Diston Eb Tuba, silver (c. 1896)
Keefer Sousaphone
Keefer BBb Sousaphone, silver (c. 1916)
Old #1
King BBb recording Tuba - Old #1 (c. 1950)

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I use both large and small Humes and Berg tuba straight mutes.  Tommy Johnson and I share Humes and Berg bucket and cup mutes -- but I dislike all mutes.

No Mutes

Other Brass

Silver F Cimbasso
Kalison Silver F Cimbasso
Low Brass Section, Los Angeles Opera Orchestra. 
(From left) Jim Self, Bill Booth, Terry Cravens, Al Veeh, with Placido Domingo (center)


On Bass Trombone I use a special Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece which is like my standard tuba rim and a Bach 1 1/2 G Bass Trombone cup.

Super-bass Trombone

Other Instruments

Fender Bass Guitar

Electronic Valve Instrument
Electronic Valve Instrument
Washburn Fretless Electric Bass
Washburn Fretless Electric Bass


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